Making Reflection EASY in 2019

UPDATE: This article is being re-posted after an attempted hack and some technical difficulties which required a partial rollback and some new system updates.

Are you making time for reflection this year or just reading about those who are?

A lot of coaches, trainers, advisers, consultants and other people are writing and talking about taking time for some end-of-year reflection.  Some, like John Maxwell talk about taking a full week or even two at the end of each year to do in-depth study of the past year, writing lengthy analyses of the good, the bad and the ugly; and writing detailed strategic plans for the upcoming year.  My friend Mike Walsh sequestered himself in a hotel for 24 hours, and he’s going to do more.  I applaud them all, and I envy them (in a good way).

But that just doesn’t seem feasible to me right now, and maybe it’s not for you either.  So, if you can’t take or make that kind of time right now, for whatever reason…don’t feel guilty!  Don’t beat yourself up.  And certainly don’t give up!  Here are some tips for you and me.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be lengthy to be impactful.  Do you have a commute where you are not the driver?  Do you take a break for lunch?  Can you get up 30 minutes early or stay up 30 minutes later just once?  That’s enough!

  • Do you use a calendar to plan any of your day or week?  Thumb back through it.  Where did you spend your time?
  • Review the pictures on your smartphone from this past year.
  • Read back through your social media posts.

Do you notice any recurring themes?

See anything you’d like to do more of this next year?  Or maybe less?

Do you still have time left over?  Write down a few thoughts about what you have seen and look at them once in a while.

It may provide amazing insight, or just pleasant memories…both are valuable.

Start small.  You can always do more later.

You can do this! Happy 2020!

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