About AjarnMark

Mark Caldwell, known online under the identity of AjarnMark is a leader in technology and business in the Puget Sound area.  Mark’s professional career in technology started in 1986 while still a student at the University of Washington.  Having been a hobbyist programmer throughout high school, Mark found work in application development to pay his way through business school, and stuck with IT as a career path after graduation.

Over the years, Mark has been a key problem solver for various businesses including banks, life insurance companies, city government, and design and construction companies; by providing corporate training, consulting and software development across the Microsoft technology stack.

Mark is currently the Senior Director of Enterprise Applications for Interior Logic Group, Inc. and spends his days leading teams within the IT organization.  ILG is the nation’s leading provider of interior design, design center management and installation services. ILG is distinguished as the nation’s largest new construction interior finishing contractor, providing a wide array of products and installation services for single-family, multi-family and commercial builders.

The views expressed here are solely those of the author and are not endorsed by nor representative of Interior Logic Group, Inc.