Fresh Updates for 2020

Ran into some technical difficulties on the site over the last few months, including an apparent hack attempt to plant some malware on the site. I was behind on patching and knew that it was going to take a little real effort to catch everything up to date.

That has now been completed. As of this moment, the site is now running the latest versions of PHP which enabled the upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.

I have added a managed service to help protect against future hacks and malware attacks.

And finally, to help reassure you, and Google, that you have indeed landed at the real site, I have added an SSL certificate.

Now that all of that is behind me, there’s a good chance I may explore new themes or colors, in the near future. And of course, put focus back on the content, because that’s what you really come here for.

Happy New Year!

Housekeeping SQL Server

Technical Posts of the Past

Just a quick note that if you’re looking for any of my technical posts of the past, largely focused on SQL Server, they are still online at my old blog location on

Housekeeping Leadership

Credit Where Credit is Due

I have a confession.  I am an avid fan of reading books about Leadership principles.  I think that many Leadership principles can be applied not just in managing employees or running a business, but in many other facets of life including raising children and making plans for your own life.  BUT, I am not a good note-taker when I read, and I tend to forget exactly where I read something.  I’ll remember the lesson or maybe a quote, but forget who said it or where I read it.

My views on life and leadership have been shaped largely by a handful of people.  Among those are two of my favorite authors:  Dr. John C. Maxwell and Patrick Lencioni.  In my opinion you can’t go wrong with reading any of their books.  Other key influencers are my father who was a great dentist and small business owner, my pastors, my wife and some personal mentors over the years.

I will always strive to give credit where credit is due when it comes to ideas, lessons, quotes, and so on, but if I fail to directly attribute a quote or other key idea, please consider it likely that it came from either Maxwell or Lencioni, and forgive me my shortcomings in note-taking and footnoting.  By no means do I intend to take credit for their work, and I will always try to add my own shading to the topic.